Join free self defense classes just for the sake of your utmost safety!

With more than 15 years of Karate experience, I have always tried to promote basic free self defense classes for women and children.

All over the globe these days, various incidents of assaults against children and women are growing by leaps and bounds, this only adds fuel for a campaign to teach women and children self defense, I have been on a crusade for about 8 years now campaigning for schools or other education institutions to teach basic self defense techniques to all children starting at an early age. The real fact is that if these sorts of lessons where then practiced over the school time, they would become a way for the kids to defend themselves in most situations.

A plethora of women across the world will be accosted or have had some uncomfortable and unwanted incident at some point in their lives. In fact, you only have to look at the police figures in order to see how usually women and children are assaulted, as well as the numbers keep going up, the most common and widely seen assault is domestic violence which is still the most to under reported crime in the Europe, with only one in ten domestic violence assaults making an entry into the records.

Today, there are various different opportunities for children and women to beginfree self defense classes. Local community agencies in many areas are now offering self-defense classes. The majorand widely known colleges are also starting to set up some basic courses. For these females and kids that have the time free to attend these classes as well as stay with it for several months that is great but all too often they drop out after only several classes. This can be for a number of different reasons.

One of the great ways to learn free self defense classesand training is with DVDs. Using these DVDs that are put together by top MMA instructors, it is quite possible to teach professional moves that will really assist in an indecent, it actually makes sense when you are seriously learning something vital how to defend yourself, these experienced instructors would normally charge high amounts for one on one classes so DVD’s would be great value for money. Know more about  self defense classes for women .


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